Mu Viet 沐越

Vietnamese restaurant from the Wowprime group with tasty appetizers and flavorful dishes in a vintage setting.

Spring roll assortment three varieties: $180
Sugar cane shrimp in two varieties: $200
Nha Trang red curry chicken with baguette: $280
Fried soft-shell crab with tamarind sauce: $520
Vietnamese-styled ice-drip coffee: $120
+10% service fee

Ziyou: One of Wowprimes’ more recent brands, Mu Viet wows diners with Indochine-era ambiance, attentive service and elegantly presented Vietnamese food.  Dishes pack in lots of flavor and are good for sharing.  Expect a rowdy atmosphere due to its popularity with big groups. ★★★★☆”

Yeh: “Wowprime’s Vietnamese concept is a great new addition to Taipei’s growing range of Southeast Asian restaurants.  Although there are a few of the more common pho and banh mi offerings, most of the menu consists of hearty dishes and colorful platters that are meant to be shared with a group.  The crispy and tasty soft shell crab and shrimp sticks were both standout, and the freshly grated chili pepper sauce was a fun way to start the meal.  On the downside, the seating on the second floor was uncomfortably warm and stuffy, but hopefully that will be resolved by our next visit. ★★★★☆”

Chin Chin: “Fun sauces mommy!”

Mu Viet 沐越
No.27, Sec. 2, Roosevelt Rd., Da’ an Dist., Taipei City 106
02 2396 2122

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