Hidden by DN 隱丹廚 (2nd Visit)

The brilliant chef’s latest menu introduces several outstanding new dishes, although the service this time fell below expectations.

Lunch set: $999
w/ roasted suckling pig: $398
+10% service fee

For our first visit, see Hidden by DN 隱丹廚.


Ziyou: “The creativity from the Spanish chef never ceases to impress.  All the dishes were beautifully-presented and tasted delicious or at least interesting and original.  If only the same could be said for the service and the staff’s attitude.  The initial mixup over previously agreed upon seating arrangement (although eventually sorted, but only at our insistence) dampened the mood for everyone.  Although the food truly is excellent, subpar service and poor staff attitude are unacceptable at a restaurant of this caliber. ★★★☆☆”

Yeh: “The latest menu from the chef’s innovative mind offered quite a few outstanding new dishes, such as the avocado appetizer, the roasted pepper stuffed with stewed beef, and the “secret” pork.  The staff was also willing to provide regular drinking water without charge, a nice change from the previous insistence on bottles.  However, perhaps the restaurant was too busy that day, because the service seemed a little rushed and not to the standard of our previous visit. ★★★★☆”

Chin Chin: “Inconsistent service mommy!”

Hidden by DN 隱丹廚
No. 261, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
0909 849 937

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