Woolloomooloo (Xinyi)

Xinyi Road location of the Melbourne-inspired cafe with a larger, trendier space and a wider menu of tasty food options.

Cafe latte: $130
Ham, cheese, and tomato toastie: $180
Aussie burger: $320
Gnocchi in braised beef: $360
Earl grey chiffon cake: $150
+10% service fee

Ziyou: “This location of the Aussie-style cafe brand is all about the large communal tables and high chair seating, which makes it not as comfortable and relaxing.  The good news is that the food selection is larger than the Minsheng Community location, and the dishes are just as tasty. ★★★★☆”

Yeh: “The Xinyi location of this Melbourne-inspired cafe has expanded to a larger space on two floors, with a gourmet food store next door and even a sleek small hotel upstairs.  The food, drinks, and desserts are all just as good as the original, or actually even better with the wider food menu.  On the other hand, the communal seating and hipster decor are more conducive to socializing and mingling rather than a relaxing afternoon.  ★★★★☆”

Chin Chin: “Many yummy options mommy!”

No. 379, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
02 8789 0128

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